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Our shared heritage

When our pioneering Founders brought Kappa Kappa Gamma into reality, they didn’t even have the right to vote. Coming together to advance opportunities for women is a page right out of the broader history of the Victorian period, and something we hold especially dear as members of a women’s fraternity.

The Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation is committed to funding the preservation of Kappa’s heritage, not just to showcase some old jewelry or a piece of furniture, but to teach from our history. Maybe you are interested in chapter-specific information on Kappapedia, the birth of the Fraternity at The Stewart House Museum or the archives at Kappa Headquarters. There is so much to reflect on and learn.

Taught to love learning and literature, the six Founders were educated, exceptional young women who felt very much able to take on the world. Sound like anyone you know? We thought so too. Our treasured history is transported into the present with every new member and every new leader because together, we are one.

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